I am a serial procrastinator.


Mostly because I fear the reality of my visions will not be as good as the vision itself.

I am a perfectionist, and more often than not, I am not satisfied with substandard results. Especially, if those substandard results are an extension of who I am. It is a good way of approaching life (I think), but it sometimes cripples me to take action on things I truly believe in. My fear often stops me from doing any work at all, no matter how convinced I am that whatever I imagine is a good idea.

Over the years I have learned that sometimes good enough, really is good enough. At least, I believe it sometimes. It is hardly as simple as that, because even after tons of persuasion the harsh self-critic is always lurking around the corner. It is always waiting to emerge from the darkness that is my self-doubt. It is forever telling me that I will fail; reminding me that there will never be enough time to nurture the skills I need.

I am the ideal idealist, put plainly. I have big dreams and bold visions. But, I am also incredibly tenacious and I will not rest until I am done. The truth is, that longing feeling to get my work out there never goes away until I’ve actually done it. I am putting myself and my work out there, because the anxiety I feel over unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities is worse than the crippling fear to try.