I have spent my entire life wondering why I feel different. Why the world cannot seem to grasp my understanding of life. Why the world cannot seem to understand what I am, or who I am. It has been painful, lonely and confusing, at the best of times. It has made me question the meaning of life; the point of it all.

I recently discovered that I am an INFJ. It did not take long for my perception of life to change; confusion was substituted with understanding and purpose. Things just started to click. Even as I sit here now, I still want to know; what is the point of it all? But, at least I know now, there is a point.

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind. What you will read here are some rare moments of truth. My truth. Please treat them with care and understanding, and share them on as you see fit. I hope you will find that a-ha moment that you have been looking for.

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